CC 28.600-2

Ideal for large infrastructure and energy projects, with top-in-class performance, massive lifting capacity, strong drivetrain, improved handling, and optimized transportability.

Product Specs

Product description

Versatility Meets Power for Tough Infrastructure Projects

The extremely versatile CC 28.600-2 offers top-in-its-class performance for infrastructure projects from roads and bridges to wind turbine erecting and refinery work. Its maximum lifting capacity is 600t with a maximum load moment of 7,760t. Building upon the strong reputation of its predecessor, the CC 28.600-2 offers even better handling and optimized transportability. Components like the luffing jib and middle main boom inserts that fit the predecessor also fit the CC 28.600-2, reducing the necessary capital investment when upgrading. The basic unit was also adapted to that of the CC 38.650-1, with its strong drivetrain included.