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Used lifting equipment

2884NL Tadano ATF 80-4

Year of manufacture: 2004
Capacity (T): 80
Serial Number: 4085110

2827 DEMAG CC 2000

Year of manufacture: 2008
Capacity (T): 300
Serial Number: 55133

2879 Demag AC 250-1

Year of manufacture: 2011
Capacity (T): 250
Serial Number: 85176

2843UK Tadano ATF 50G-3

Year of manufacture: 2015
Capacity (T): 50
Serial Number: 2142084

2798 Demag Superlift 3800

Year of manufacture: 2013
Capacity (T): 650
Serial Number: 36113

2810 Demag V35

Year of manufacture: 1968
Capacity (T): 4
Serial Number: 3886

2755 Demag AC 700 SSL

Year of manufacture: 2005
Capacity (T): 700
Serial Number: 87050

2619 Demag CC 2800-1

Year of manufacture: 2006
Capacity (T): 600
Serial Number: 62226

2828 Demag CC 2400-1

Year of manufacture: 2010
Capacity (T): 400
Serial Number: 43061

2819FG Grove GMK 5110-1

Year of manufacture: 2011
Capacity (T): 110
Serial Number: 51104104


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