The logistical requirements of networking suppliers and receivers of goods continues to grow when it comes to global procurement markets.

what is cartright?

Cartright is a web-based software platform that makes purchasing and logistics processes faster, more transparent, and more resource-efficient. It accomplishes this by making all relevant transport data available to Tadano plants, suppliers, and forwarders via a standardized, consistent interface. Suppliers can use Cartright as a notification tool to register their shipments with the freight forwarder. Using Cartright allows close networking with partners across the supply chain to ensure reliable information exchange and quality, long-term cooperation.

What benefits does Cartright offer you?

  • Communication via a central platform with different plants across the Tadano Group
  • Higher transparency regarding the current status of open and due orders
  • More cost-efficient notification of deliveries
  • Automated notification to the forwarder
  • Central documentation of target vs. actual quantities
  • Faster and more transparent handling of empties thanks to integrated empties management
  • Automated, time-accurate shipment tracking and feedback, including status messages and goods receipts
  • Integrated returns handling
  • History of past notifications and collections

Can cartright work with your erp system?

Cartright’s real-time data transfer simplifies communication across software programs and platforms. It can link directly to your ERP system, allowing you to maintain all the necessary data from the ordering process while eliminating the time-consuming notification process. The intuitive web-based interface allows for easy manual use when desired, even as many processes can become automated for time and cost savings. Important documents can import directly into Cartright, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and making it easier on your management as well as the environment. The security of your data is crucial for all of us; data protection is a top priority when using Cartright.

Who can use cartright?

All you need to register as a supplier with Cartright is an existing business relationship with Tadano. We will send you an active invite for registration; once you receive your access data, you can register directly via the website!