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AC 4.070L-1

A compact four-axle crane with two available boom lengths, as well as excellent lifting capacities and radii. Intelligent equipment for versatile and comfortable work.

Product Specs

  • Max. Crane Capacity 75 USt
  • Main Boom Length 36.1 ft – 171.0 ft
  • Boom Extension 5.5 ft – 29.5 ft – 52.4 ft
  • Max. Tip Height 229.6 ft
  • Max. Counterweight 36,376 lbs
  • Outrigger Bases 25.9 ft x 21.0 ft
  • Hoist Line Pull 9,891 lbs
  • MAX Radius 150.9 ft
  • Dimensions L: 41.1 ft W: 8.7 ft H: 12.6 ft
  • Max. Crane Capacity 70 t
  • Main Boom Length 11.1 m – 52.1 m
  • Boom Extension 1.8 m / 9 m – 16 m
  • Max. Tip Height 71 m
  • Max. Counterweight 16.5 t
  • Outrigger Bases 7.91 m x 6.40 m
  • Hoist Line Pull 4.5 t
  • Max. Radius 52 m
  • Dimensions L: 12.56 m W: 2.55 m H: 3.85 m
  • Axles 4
  • Engine Mercedes-Benz
  • Drive 8 x 6 x 8 (8 x 8 x 8)

Product description

A compact powerhouse

With its 52.1-meter-long main boom, the AC 4.070L-1 is ahead of the pack when it comes to the four-axle cranes in its class. In addition, it can lift a full 5.8 tonnes with the boom fully extended and the maximum counterweight. The innovative AML-F crane control system ensures short setup times and takes full advantage of all available space and the load to optimize lifting, with the lifting capacity being steplessly adjusted across all radii. The result: A radius of 46 m and a tip height of 71 m, also thanks to a boom extension with a length of 9 to 16 m. The counterweight can be split in a flexible manner, making it possible to conform to axle load limits of 10 to 16.5 tonnes. The Lift Adjuster reliably reduces load swinging during lifting and lowering.




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