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CC 68.1250-1

Outstanding load capacities across all working ranges with remarkable agility thanks to its standard, powerfully propulsive Quadro drive.

Product Specs

  • Capacity 1375 USt
  • Max. Load Moment 114687 kips ft
  • Main Boom Length 98.4 ft – 511.8 ft
  • Max. Tip Height 676.0 ft
  • Capacity 1250 t
  • Max. Load Moment 15856 tm
  • Main Boom Length 30 m – 156 m
  • Max. Tip Height 206 m

Product description

Outstanding, Flexible Lifting Capacity Across Operating Ranges

The CC 68.1250-1 delivers outstanding load capacities across all working ranges, especially with a luffing jib. It sets the standard in its class with a maximum load moment of a remarkable 15,856t with a lifting capacity of 991t at a radius of 16m. As circumstances require, the agile CC 68.1250-1 can pirouette in tight spaces with its standard, powerfully propulsive Quadro drive. Interchangeable counterweights across all CC lattice boom crawler cranes can save storage and transport costs. Safety is always paramount, as its ESTA award-winning fall protection design keeps people on the safe side during assembly and disassembly.


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