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CC 88.1600-1

Superlative in every category. Enormous load capacity, impressive maximum load moment, easy handling, versatile transport, and award-winning safety.

Product Specs

  • Capacity 1760 USt
  • Max. Load Moment 198589 kips ft
  • Main Boom Length 177.2 ft – 511.8 ft
  • Max. Tip Height 784.0 ft
  • Capacity 1600 t
  • Max. Load Moment 27456 tm
  • Main Boom Length 54 m – 156 m
  • Max. Tip Height 239 m

Product description

Sheer, High-Capacity Power with Easy Handling

The CC 88.1600-1 offers superlatives in every category. Its load capacity is an enormous 1,600t with a maximum load moment of 26,160t. The retrofittable Boom Booster can increase load capacity up to 90% and then dismantle into several parts for easy transport. The CC 88.1600-1 also boasts a hook height of 231m. Despite its sheer size, the CC 88.1600-1 provides easy handling down to the smallest detail in terms of transport, erection, and maintenance. Safety is always paramount; with fall protection, your people stay on the safe side during assembly and disassembly thanks to Tadano’s ESTA award-winning system.


Tadano’s legendary reputation for quality and innovation is why we lead the lifting industry. Superior engineering, design, and components followed up with top-notch service means a greater rate of return and the lowest owning and operating cost of any crane on the market.