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CC 88.3200-1 TWIN

The double boom generates immense power and load capacities; the crawlers offer mobility under a full load. It also excels in handling and transportability.

Product Specs

  • Capacity 3525 USt
  • Max. Load Moment 324762 kips ft
  • Main Boom Length 177.2 ft – 511.8 ft
  • Max. Tip Height 767.0 ft
  • Capacity 3200 t
  • Max. Load Moment 44900 tm
  • Main Boom Length 54 m – 156 m
  • Max. Tip Height 234 m

Product description

Double Boom Offers Remarkable Lifting Capacity, Mobility

The incredibly powerful CC 88.3200-1 TWIN reaches load capacities typically beyond other cranes’ reach. Its twin boom system – combining the CC 88.1600-1’s booms to form one double boom – creates an incredible maximum load capacity of 3,200t and load moment of 43,900t. Despite this size, it is still a “real” mobile crane, able to travel on its crawlers under full load. While massive on-site, the CC 88.3200-1 TWIN shrinks down for remarkably easy transport; the maximum width of its components is just 3.50m / 11.5 ft. It also excels in handling since none of its individual components exceeds a 60t transport weight.


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