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Weiland takes delivery of new Tadano AC 2.040-1 all terrain crane

Left to right: Sebastian Degenhardt (managing director) – Peter Schuster and Jürgen Steinhusen (crane operators) – Volker Degenhardt (managing director)

“We wanted a solid two-axle crane that would be easy to operate for lightweight day-to-day work while remaining absolutely reliable – with those requirements, it’s really no surprise that we ended up deciding on the new Tadano AC 2.040-1,” report Weiland Managing Directors Sebastian and Volker Degenhardt, who picked up the new crane in Lauf together with crane operators Peter Schuster and Jürgen Steinhusen on a beautiful sunny day.

As far as the crane experts from Lampertheim are concerned, the most compelling argument for the Tadano two-axle crane was its cost-effectiveness: “A crane like this is simply something you need to have in your portfolio. And since the AC 2.040-1 is significantly more cost-effective than a three-axle unit thanks to its two axles, total weight of 24 tonnes, and resulting lower wear, it was really the perfect choice,” explains Volker Degenhardt, who adds that the sturdy AC 2.040-1 is simply impossible to beat: “It can travel to work sites while comfortably within axle load limits, carry out its work with its incredibly simple telescoping system, and then move on to the next site,” he succinctly puts it.

The team at Weiland also considered another crucial advantage behind the crane: the Tadano control system, which it shares with numerous other Tadano cranes in the Weiland fleet. “The combination between the IC‑1 Plus system and the Flex Base outrigger system, which makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their range, ensures that the crane has excellent lifting capacities even with a low counterweight of only 1.1 tonnes,” Sebastian Degenhardt underscores. Together with a 35.2-meter-long main boom, this makes it an extraordinarily versatile machine. On top of this, both crane operators are quick to add that the AC 2.040-1 looks absolutely great, not to mention that it is characterized by the usual high Tadano quality and had a remarkably short lead time: It was ready for pickup a mere four months after the order was placed. In an era of supply chain bottlenecks, that is simply great service, Volker and Sebastian Degenhardt say before adding that they will be using their new AC 2.040-1 for their day-to-day work. More specifically, it will be going to three or four work sites a day in order to lift air conditioning units and ventilation systems, take care of lifts with pallets carrying building materials, and carry out steel structure assembly work. That will also include work sites where space is at a premium, as the crane’s compact dimensions make it perfect for that kind of work.