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P&K takes delivery of new Tadano AC 5.120-1

Asked why he opted for the Tadano AC 5.120-1, Mark Plas, the managing director of the Netherlands-based crane services company P & K, is not at a loss for an answer. “What really clinched it for us was the crane’s impressive lifting capacities, both when carrying its full counterweight and when operated within its 12-tonne axle load limit. And with the Tadano Smart Chart system in the mix, the lifting capacities are simply phenomenal. All that makes the AC 5.120-1 an absolute powerhouse in its class.” Plas gave this verdict on taking delivery of the crane from Tadano Sales Manager Netherlands Richard Beenen at Tadano’s Netherlands branch in Purmerend.

The AC 5.120-1 ordered by P & K features the 10x8x10 drive, 16.00R25 tires, a handy storage box, and remote-control functionality, meaning that it is perfectly equipped for its intended primary use in the construction industry. “We’ve had quite a few Tadano cranes in use here over many years, so we trust Tadano for quality machines and excellent service,” Plas said, praising a strong partnership that just got even stronger with the arrival of the new AC 5.120-1.